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We are happy to provide you with the most comfortable sleep you can find. The healthiest rest for you and your family, and the best impact on our planet!

Travis Escalante
Owner of Organic Roots Mattress. In the mattress business for 15 years. Store owner for 6 years in Southern California.

Travis’ top priority is to find the best possible sleep environment for his customers. He feels that when you purchase a mattress it should not be based on pricing, but rather on your comfort needs. This will allow you to have the best sleep possible regardless of your budget. Travis believes that listening to his customer’s needs, and giving you a sense of satisfaction in your mattress buying decision, will result in the best sleep you have ever had!

Travis was raised in Ojai, California. As an adult Travis decided to venture off into sales in Ventura County. Rather quickly he found the mattress sales environment pleasing  to him, for he felt he was better able to guide people in what they truly needed and what would benefit them long term. This mindset fit in well with his caring nature to truly help people. Thus, this perfect combination has allowed Travis to flourish in this genre.

Upon working for a local mattress retailer for a few years Travis then decided to venture out and become a corporate area trainer for one of America’s largest mattress retailers. Here he taught sales staff how to properly service customer’s needs. This made Travis an expert in providing and meeting anyone’s sleep comfort needs hands down. Then after opening a multitude of stores and training literally dozens of sales associates, he discovered that the corporate game was not for him and decided to go back to his roots. Travis returned to working at a local mattress retailer business in Southern California. After a number of years Travis realized the only way he would be able to service his customers needs, and fully give them the attention he new they deserved was to open his own mattress business and store. Currently he has owned and operated his own mattress store for 6 years. As an owner, Travis now can offer his customers the best buying decision possible.

Why Organic Mattresses?
After sourcing and selling a few organic mattresses in his store and watching the response of his customers and their satisfaction, Travis decided to design his own organic mattresses. This allowed him to fuse his philosophy of providing a perfect mattress for each of his customers, and while at the same time helping the environment. Thus, Organic Roots Mattress was created; with the vision that healing the environment affects every person on the planet and what we buy, and that we spend 1/3 of our lifetime in bed, offering an organic mattress for everyone is the perfect next step. Going back to his own roots of spending hours as a child in the creeks and fields of the majestic Ojai Valley, Travis is happy to provide you with the healthiest sleep options you can find. Travis moved back to Ojai, where he met the love of his life Audra. Audra has a deep passion for organic products and marketing, and together they decided to create Organic Roots Mattress and offer the healthiest sleep for everyone.

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